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My Story


I started my journey in the world of audio from the moment I was born, being influenced by two artistic parents. As I grew up, I developed a habit of using sound to describe things in conversations and was attached to my CD Walkman/iPod. During high school, I started experimenting with Fruity Loops and other DAWs to create electronic music which was what eventually led me to pursue my dream of a job working with sound.


After moving to Los Angeles from Orange County, I studied at SAE Institute where I built the foundation needed for audio engineering. Near the end of the program, I founded Noctem Audio encompassing a small studio and electronic music record label.


In late 2013, I developed a specific interest in post production with a focus on film and video game sound design. Yearning for more knowledge and experience in these aspects of audio, I entered into the Recording Connection's program with a custom cirriculum aimed at post production created by Gregory Hainer at Scorpio Sound, LLC.

To further expand my skills, I enrolled in Leonard Paul's School of Video Game Audio and completed the Wwise audio implementation course and put together a demo reel showcasing my work.

Starting in 2017, I began my adventure at Blizzard Entertainment as an Associate Sound Designer working on World of Warcraft. After a promotion to sound designer and almost 7 years, I moved on from Blizzard Entertainment and am currently looking for a new project to be a part of.

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