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World of Warcraft - Sound Designer                               2017 - 2023
Legion, Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands, Dragonflight


I provided sound design and field recording for creatures, spells, environments, and ambience. I also implemented these sounds into the game using a custom proprietary software.

Dishonored 2 - Dialogue Editor                                                    2015


I contributed as dialogue editor and ensured that all lines were cleaned and of professional quality. Also upheld the standards of a strict folder and file naming/hierarchy system.

Making a Mark – Sound Effects / Re-recording Mixer   2016

Sound design, editing and mixing for short film. 


Sunflower – Sound Effects / Re-recording Mixer          2016

Sound design, Foley, editing (dialogue, Foley, sfx) and mixing for short film. 


Haydens Woods – Sound Effects / Re-recording Mixer  2014

Provided sound design, Foley, editing (dialogue, Foley, sfx) and mixing for short film.

Truth or Dare – Mixed & Mastered Score                                   2013

Worked closely with the composer and mixed and mastered the score.


  • Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Wwise, Soundminer


  • Trained on Mackie 1604, Yamaha O1V, Amek Big, Yamaha O2R, SSL AWS900, ICON, Neve V3, Slate Raven Mti


  • Post production audio: Foley, ADR, VO, editing, sound design, 5.1 surround mixing


  • Microphone theory, placement, and recording techniques 


  • Field Recording


  • Patchbay configuration, signal flow, and outboard gear


  • Wide range of digital audio plug-ins for various tasks

  • Marketing and social media


  • Mac and PC proficient 







Blizzard Entertainment - Sound Designer                     2017 - 2023
World of Warcraft

My work using a custom game engine included:

Scoping work and workflow for content updates

Recording, sound design, & implementation for player class & creature spells, exertions, game objects, and ambience

Boss/encounter design & implementation to support both mechanics and fantasy

Mixing for player classes, creatures, zones, and different scenarios such as open world, dungeon/raid encounters, PvP battlegrounds/arenas

Ideating on workflow and tools improvements to provide faster, more efficient, and more creative sound implementation within the game engine

Noctem Audio - Owner                                           ​      2012 - Present



•Audio services with a focus on, but not limited to, post production and game audio

•Manage extensive sound effects library with integration into Soundminer

•Set up and calibrated quality 5.1 surround system

•Planned and set up acoustic treatment for studio room 

Record Label

• Set up distribution, publishing and copyright for releases

• Signed many artists and released over 70 tracks, EPs and albums

• Handle A&R and promotion/marketing for all releases

• Pay out artists and oversee royalties



Freelance - Audio Engineer / Sound Designer          2012 - Present

Offer services including post production and video game audio, recording, mixing, editing and mastering.

Boom Box Post - Intern                                                      2015 - 2016

Managed and archived incoming sessions/files, converted videos, and notified team of editors. Assisted with sfx, Foley, prop recording. Maintained studio and lobby area while keeping supplies stocked. Observed sfx editing, Foley, and pre-dub sessions.



Scorpio Sound, LLC - Intern                                               2013 - 2014


Internship under Gregory Hainer. Learned aspects of post production, assisted on various video game related sessions, helped maintain SFX library and studio.

School of Video Game Audio                                              2016 - 2017


Online course teaching Audiokinetic's Wwise middleware which culminated in recording, designing, mixing and implementing all sound into the game, Cube and creating a demo reel showcasing my work.

Recording Connection​                                                        2013 - 2014


Audio engineering and technology curriculum. Mentored by Gregory Hainer with a focus on post production and video game audio.



SAE Institute Los Angeles                                                    ​2011 - 2012


Audio Technology Program in music and post production, focusing on hands-on experience and current technology. 


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