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My work on World of Warcraft using a custom proprietary game engine included:

Scoping work and workflow for content updates

Recording, sound design, & implementation for player class & creature spells, exertions, game objects, and ambience

Boss/encounter design & implementation to support both mechanics and fantasy

Mixing for player classes, creatures, zones, and different scenarios such as open world, dungeon/raid encounters, PvP battlegrounds/arenas

Ideating on workflow and tools improvements to provide faster, more efficient, and more creative sound implementation within the game engine


  • Evoker class

  • Red, blue, and black schools of dragon magic

  • Venthyr anima/school of magic

  • 31 raid encounters from 10 different raids

  • 12 dungeons

  • 24 creatures designed and many more implemented

  • Many mounts & pets

  • 6 zones - quest-lines, world quests, sandbox, ambience, game objects

  • New player experience zone & dungeon

  • Open world events

  • Item effects

  • In-game realtime cutscenes

  • UI

  • Mobile app UI


Sound Design Demo Reel


This is my sound design demo reel showcasing my work redesigning scenes from games and movies. This shows my skills of sound design, editing, and mixing.

All scenes in this video are not owned by me and are owned by their respective publishers and studios.

Wwise Audio Implementation Demo


This video demonstrates my implementation of original sound effects, voice over, and foley designed by myself into the open source game, Cube using Audiokinetic's Wwise. The game is in the classic style of Doom or Quake, which I tried to convey with my design.

Dishonored 2


I contributed as dialogue editor and ensured that all lines were cleaned and of professional quality. Also upheld the standards of a strict folder and file naming/hierarchy system.

Haydens Woods


Haydens Woods is a short film for which I provided sound design, Foley, editing (dialogue, Foley, sfx) and mixing. I started with already comped dialogue files as well as bg's and wild sounds.

Making a Mark


Making a Mark is a short film for which I provided sound design, editing, and mixing. The short communicates purely through cinematic technique, sound, and Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form.



Sunflower is a short film for which I provided sound design, Foley, editing (dialogue, Foley, sfx) and mixing.

My IMDb credits can be found HERE.
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