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Sound is an aspect of entertainment that may go unnoticed but is essential to creating a seamless experience. I will take your project to the next level by working with you each step of the way. Whether it be recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, or post production for film and video games, I'll have you covered. Working with state-of-the-art technology, I strive to deliver results that will engage your fans, listeners, and viewers.

Post Production

Sound is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle of post production. I offer services for multiple mediums including film, video games, apps and multimedia.


  • Sound Design

  • Mixing (Stereo & 5.1)

  • Editing (Dialogue, Foley, SFX)

  • Foley

  • Video Game Audio Implementation


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Your audio will go through appropriate plug-ins and be balanced to a professional standard. Your artistic ideas will drive my technical decisions.


  • Stem Mixing

  • Full Track Mixing

  • Multiple Revisions

  • Bulk Discounts Available

  • Files or Pro Tools / Logic Sessions Accepted


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Mastering will be delicately done through a highly effective mastering chain that will polish your music and other audio into a finished and presentable experience.


  • $40 / Song


Recording is available for single instruments, voice overs, ADR and Foley. With the right microphone selection and positioning, I achieve a high-quality capture.


  • $25 / Hour

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